BC Food Extrusion offer Process Expertise in the following food production processes::

Textured Vegetable Protein: Chunks, Flakes, Shreds, Fibrous Protein.
Protein Particulates: 60% and 80% Soy Protein, Pea Protein Crisps,
Cereal Inclusions: High Fibre, Wholegrain, Resistant Starch                 
Extruded Coatings: Wheat, Rice, Maize, Oat. Also shapes that can be used as intermediate coating or as the final coating
Flat Bread:

Rusk: By Extrusion and traditional baking
Breakfast Cereals: Cornflakes, Branflakes, Oatflakes, Multigrain, Rice Crispies, Shapes

In addition we can offer consultancy in:

Commissioning/ Startups
Advice on Screw Configurations
Die Design
Recommendation on new extruders / second hand extruders for bespoke products
Audits of Existing Lines
Raw Material Selection
Product Testing            
New Pilot Plant Extruder available for trials or testing up to 300Kg/hr