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For Sale

  2 Unused twin screw SEL 60LF extruders, specifically designed for the production of starch based biodegradable loosefill packaging material. Contact us for further information
The SEL 60LF is a purpose built, twin-screw extruder, specifically designed for the
production of starch based, biodegradable loosefill packaging. The latest generation
offers two models of SEL 60LF – 75KW or 90 KW. The extruder has been proven in
the field and has already established a reputation for being extremely flexible and
reliable with high output rates and low bulk densities. The high level of build quality
and use of the latest technology, allows you to achieve many different types of end
product using different starch recipes.
By utilising universally available parts - motors, drives & other components, SEL
have produced an extremely robust and reliable machine that has many serviceable
parts that are available from virtually anywhere in the world.

Technical Specifications
Approx Extruder Dims
L = 3000, W = 800, H = 1550 = Base Frame
L = 3900, W = 1250, H = 2650 = Including Face Cutter & Hoppers
Colour Green
Expected Output Rates 300 - 400 KG/HR depending on process and feedstock
Typical Product Density 7 - 16 Kg / Cubic Metre


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